HDPE Butt Fusion Fittings

Butt fusion and welding method is the most common method for connecting various diameter Polyethylene pipes for this moment. The ends of the Polyethylene pipes are heated and pressed together by specialized equipment to form a continuous ‘leak-proof’ pipe. Butt fusion pipes and fittings are as strong as the pipe itself and has the same life expectancy.

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Product Name HDPE Butt Fusion Fittings
Sizes available DN63-1600mm
SDR rating SDR7.4, SDR9, SDR11,SDR13.6,SDR17,SDR21,SDR26
Material Top quality virgin PE100 raw material
Colors available Black or blue, or as per request
Standards follow to SO4427/ AS/ NZS 4130/ BS EN 12201/ SABS Standards
Samples available Available

Note: Specification and mark can be customized. Please send your request to the email address: Susanmiu108@gmail.com

HDPE pipes and fittings application:

  1. Urban water supply system, landscaping water supply network.
  2. Oil and gas flow, gas drainage system.
  3. Dredging pipeline engineering ( sand sediment transport ).
  4. Underground firefighting system.
  5. Cable covering ( HDPE conduit ).
  6. Tunnel escape and ventilation engineering pipelines.
  7. Industrial raw material conveying pipe network, industrial sewage discharge.
  8. Fields of farmland irrigation and aquaculture projects.


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